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Publish Date : 09-12-2008

Author : Haui

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A little lizard from Panama's rain forest displaying a large yellow dewlap. Picture taken in the Soberania National Park in Panama.

From Wikipedia: Reptiles, most notably the anole species of lizard, have large skin dewlaps under their neck which they can extend and retract. The dewlaps are usually of a different color from the rest of their body and can be enlarged to make the lizard seem much bigger than it really is, especially when warding off predators. Males use the dewlap to intimidate rivals and to attract females during mating season. Despite the male lizard dewlap being much larger in size, female anoles do indeed possess a dewlap as well. These uses for the dewlap work much in the same way as the neck frill on a frill-necked lizard, with the lizard extending its neck frill for much of the same reasons. However, it is not known if the dewlap is used in thermoregulation like the neck frill is.
Visitor Comment
Author Name : Tommy
Date Post : 27-10-2012
Love that shot!

Author Name : Elsa
Date Post : 28-06-2012

Author Name : Don Charles
Date Post : 23-01-2012
Wow that is indeed a great catch!

Author Name : James Christensen
Date Post : 12-12-2008
Great shot! Norops limifrons.

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